Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What browsers does wispy work with?

A. Wispy has been tested with Internet Explorer 6 to 9, although the more recent the version the faster it runs, I.E. 9 renders a cloud in under 10 seconds on my machine, I.E. 6 can take up to 10 minutes. Wispy has also been tested under Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox 3+ and Opera 11+. It should run on just about any browser with a Canvas tag implementation (and thanks to a flash fallback, many that dont). If it doesnt run on your browser please let me know, and I will see about fixing that.

Q. What was wispy built with?

A. For the geeky and curious, this is a list of just about everything I used while building Wispy. A big huge thank you to all of those that made:

Q. What fonts does wispy use?

Wispy uses its own embedded fonts and renderer, and the fonts are in a format specific to Wispy, and can only be said to be derived from the following (I say that not to claim I have made any creative contribution, its just that if they are in any way broken its my fault). That said, almost all of the fonts where found on fontsquirrel.The fonts used are as follows:

Is wispy just a bad rip off of Wordle?