About Wispy

Wispy is a word cloud generator. It takes your words and makes them into a pretty picture. Below is a word cloud made from "The Clouds" by Aristophanes.

Word cloud of The clouds by  Aristophanes

The bigger the word is, and the closer to the centre it appears, the more popular it was in the text, In the cloud above Jupiter appeared a bunch, conquer not so much. Wispy ignores common and boring words like "the", "and" and a long list of others, it also ignores small words, anything 3 letters long or less.

You can play with colour schemes and fonts, here is the same cloud again but using the yellow colour scheme and the Lobster font.

Word cloud of The clouds by  Aristophanes

You can find out more about Wispy on the FAQ page, or you can ask me if you would like to know something. I hope you enjoy Wispy.